JC's Lexington Bowl

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General Information

JC's Lexington Bowl

5380 Augusta Road

Lexington SC, 29072

Business - 803 359 2695

Fax - 803 359 2644

Email - [email protected]

Bumpers and light weight bowling balls are for children ages ten and under. There will be specific exceptions for special needs children. For more information regarding light weight bowling balls and bumpers, please call. 

*This is a smoke free bowling center!*

Business Hours (Summer)

Monday - 12PM - 10PM

Tuesday - 9AM - 10PM

Wednesday - 12PM - 10PM

Thursday - 19AM - 10PM

Friday - 12PM - 1AM

Saturday - 9AM - 1AM

Sunday - 1PM - 8PM

Hours may vary according to business and holidays. The open times also change according to when school is out. Should school be out the bowling center will open at 10AM. We appreciate and encourage you to ask any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to us via phone or email anytime.